Out of the blue

We ensure reliability in purchasing.

About us

Trend articles since 1986

As OOTB, we love to bring joy to people with a small or big surprise “out of the blue” and we share this with the world by selecting, developing and marketing our products according to this motif.

Our mission is to offer our customers and partners outstanding products with the highest possible reliability that make people’s grey everyday lives more colourful. Our focus is on our customers, excellent value for money, and the sustainable development of our company for the benefit of our employees.

Our values

To realise our common mission.


in our thinking, actions and results


to reliably achieve the goals of our customers and our company


to ensure the successful economic development of our company


in our way of thinking - we consciously show a positive attitude; regardless of how difficult and problematic the situation appears to be


by finding at least one solution to every challenge. Because this solution will bring a smile to one or many people somewhere in the world.


because the requirements and economic success of our customers are the basis of our success and these enable us to "give pleasure" in the long term

Our responsibility

Our ethos of bringing joy and happiness to the world with surprises big and small is not limited to our products, it is integral to everything we do.

It is our culture and we take our responsibility towards our employees, the community and the planet very seriously! We have explained our mission to you and we hope you are already on board. However, we would like to give you more information about some of our current initiatives.

1. environment

Single-use plastic - We have large inventories of thousands of products, which creates a lot of plastic. If we removed all plastics by simply throwing them away, we might look better to consumers, but we wouldn't be helping anyone. It would only create more waste and our planet would suffer. We are committed to choosing the more environmentally friendly alternative in all new products we develop to eliminate single-use plastic wherever possible. We want to reduce our plastic consumption so that we can share more successes with you.

Electricity - Thanks to some very clever people who have installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our offices and warehouses, we produce our very own electricity. In 2019 we produced 810 KWH of electricity, only a fraction of which we used ourselves. This has allowed us to further improve our environmental footprint. Surprised? Environmental awareness can also be blue!

2. quality and conformity

Quality standards - In order to spread joy in the faces of our consumers with our products, we accept a high price. However, this joy could quickly turn into a frown if our products are of poor quality or lack safety. To counter this, our in-house quality assurance team ensures that all our products are fit for purpose. To continuously ensure that our products are safe and developed according to European standards, we use the best accredited institutes for our testing. Our quality and purchasing personnel regularly undergo internal training to ensure that they are always familiar with the latest safety regulations.

For this, we have been certified by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH as a specialist in toy safety.

3. community

The next generation - OOTB has been creating surprises since 1986, spanning 3 decades - that was fast! Our journey has just begun and we are constantly looking for new talent to continue our mission. The OOTB apprenticeship programme has been running for more than 12 years and we have more than 10 apprentices at any one time. If you are interested in joining the team, we would love to hear from you. Please send your application to bewerbung@ootb.de Innovation - We love nothing more than seeing talented designers' ideas become reality. We actively invite anyone to contact us with innovative product ideas. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the inventor and give free advice. If we like an idea, we implement it together with you and you get a fair share of the profits. Sounds good? Do you already have an idea you are burning for? Don't hesitate to contact us: marketing@ootb.de

4. customer service

Your success is our success - Our entire business and our processes are geared towards creating added value for our customers. When you enter into a business relationship with us, you will quickly realise that we stand for reliability, solution orientation and cost awareness. You will work with a positive team that is committed to your success. If you are not completely satisfied with our service or our products, please send us an e-mail with your criticism to info@ootb.de. We would like to improve continuously and appreciate every feedback. We want to continuously improve and any feedback, good or bad, will be warmly and gratefully received.