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Our ethos of spreading joy and happiness to the world with surprises big and small isn’t limited to our products, it’s integral to all we do, it’s our culture and we take our responsibilities to our employees, the wider community and the planet very seriously! We’ve explained our mission to you, we hope you’re already on board but we’d like to give you a little more information about some of our current initiatives.


Single-use plastic – We hold deep stocks of thousands of products so removing all plastic and simply throwing it away might make us look better to the consumer but it wouldn’t help anyone, it would create even more waste and the planet wouldn’t be happy with that! We are committed to removing single-use plastic from all the new products we are developing wherever we have a more environmentally friendly alternative. We are committed to reducing our use of plastic and we will be publishing the data so you can track our progress!

Energy – We produce our own electricity. That’s right! Some very clever people have mounted a photovoltaic cells system to the roof of our offices and warehouses. In 2019 we produced 810 KWH of electricity while only consuming only a very small percentage of it. We have successfully reduced our carbon footprint and consume less electricity than we provide! Surprised? I thought you would be but that’s the Out of the Blue way.


Quality standards – We take great price in bringing joy and smiles with our gift products but those smiles would soon become frowns if the products were poor quality, broke easily broke or were simply unsafe! We have an in-house quality team supported by quality consultants who make sure all our products are fit for purpose and we use the best accredited testing laboratories to ensure our products are safe and tested to European standards.

We hold regular in-house training sessions to ensure our quality and purchasing staff are aware of the latest safety regulations and have been certified as a Toy safety specialist by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH.


The next generation – OOTB have been gifting surprises since 1986, over 3 decades – that went quick! We’re here for the long term and are continuously looking for new talent to continue the mission. The OOTB apprenticeship scheme has been running for more than 12 Years and we have had up to 12 Apprentices at any given time. If you’re interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you, please submit your CV to

Innovation – We love nothing better than making the ideas of talented designers become reality and actively invite people to contact us with their ideas, we sign non-disclosure agreements to protect the inventor, happily give free advice and if we like the idea, we’ll even make it for them, paying them a handsome royalty! Sounds good? Got a good idea? Feel free to contact our team on


Our whole business is customer-oriented – If you dig deep into our core, you should find reliability, positivity, a solution orientated approach, cost consciousness and a team that is full of people that are dedicated to helping our customers do successful business. However, if you have an experience that’s nothing short of great, aren’t happy with a product or have an idea on how we can make things better, we want to know, we’re committed to continuous improvement and any feedback, good or bad, will be warmly and gratefully received. You can contact us anytime as

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