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Well, are you jumpy? Then you better think twice about whether you are up to our Cabinet of Horrors - because it's not for the faint-hearted! All for a wonderfully eeriE Halloween.

Polyresin pen
item number: 29/2813
Skull Waterglobe, ca. 16 cm, 4 ass., 12 pcs per...
Glow finger (incl. battery) ca. 6 cm
item number: 60/1165
out of plastic, set of 2 on blister card
Sound Box
item number: 98/2083
Spooky Sounds, with 16 different sound effects...
Excavation kit
item number: 11/2026
Skeleton, ca. 6,5 cm, 12 pcs. per display
Metal keychain
item number: 12/0903
Squeeze alien, ca. 7 cm, 24 pcs. per display
Squeeze Monster
item number: 12/0920
approx. 6 cm, 4 colours asstd., 12 pcs per...
Squeeze ball
item number: 12/0951
Brain, ca. 8 cm, in net bag with header card, 12...
item number: 12/2049
Spider, ca. 6,5 cm, 6 colours ass., 24 pcs per...
Skull with Glitter
item number: 144264
ca. 14 cm, 2 colours ass.
Finger candles with plastic holder
item number: 181041
set of 5 on blister card
Plastic Gloves
item number: 181082
Horror,one size, set of 2 2 ass.
Black tights
item number: 190002
ghosts & skulls, Halloween, 100% polyester, 2...
Bloody tights
item number: 190003
small blood splatter & large blood splatter...
Polyresin Halloween-Figurine with colour changing led
item number: 190090
incl. battery, ca. 17 cm, 2 ass., in pvc box
Polyresin glitter globe
item number: 190092
Halloween Figurine, 4 ass., 12 pcs. per display
Polyresin glitter globe
item number: 190098
Halloween figurine, on skull base, ca. 5,5 x 7,5...
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