Party District

We party all night long! You dont wanna just watch TV again? Did you plan a bachelor party? A Birthday that needs celebrating? Here you can find everything to make your party the best it can be. From drinking games and funky party decorations to smokers' articles:

Fireplace lighter
item number: 10/2417
Black Fire, with USB-recharger cable, on blister...
Plastic glasses
item number: 181089
Rainbow, 2 ass., in polybag , 24 pcs. per display
Glass ashtray
item number: 29/3634
Cannabis, D: ca 10,5 cm, 4 ass. - NOT FOR FR
Light chain with 10 LED
item number: 57/8063
Beer, ca. 6,5 cm, L: ca. 1,70 m, for 2 mignon...
Tobacco pipe
item number: 61/0012
ca. 7 cm, on blistercard, 12 pcs. per display -...
Cannabis Grinder
item number: 61/0025
ca. 3,5 cm, 12 pcs. per display - NOT FOR FR
Silver coloured foil balloon
item number: 62/0830
Disco Ball, D: ca. 40 cm, in polybag for hanging
Silver coloured foil balloon
item number: 62/0831
Welcome, ca. 100 cm, in polybag with hanger
Rainbow coloured foil door curtain
item number: 62/0832
ca. 75 x 210 cm, in polybag for hanging
Ceramic flask
item number: 70/2984
Pretzel, for ca. 120 ml, ca. 14 x 14 cm
Wooden bottle holder
item number: 71/3147
ca. 20 x 18,5 cm, for assembling, for 6 bottles
Brown artficial leather-bottle holder
item number: 71/3164
ca. 23 cm
Wooden bottle holder with metal bottle opener
item number: 71/3199
ca. 26 x 28 cm, for 6 bottles (0,5 l)
Glass coaster
item number: 71/3225
Dart board, D: ca. 10 cm, set of 4 in PVC box
Drinking glass
item number: 78/7932
Wine Bottle, ca. 750 ml, H: ca. 28 cm
Drink dispenser
item number: 78/7933
Globe, for ca. 3,5 liter, H: ca. 38 cm, plastic
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