Oh, how joyfully

Advent, Advent, a little light burns... Or even several, because it's Christmas. Finally you can hang advent calendars, load cookie jars or wrap presents. Classic red or elegant gold? That's up to you. But whatever you do think, Christmas!

Light chain
item number: 260120
Merry Christmas, with 14 multicoloured LED, L:...
Votive-tealight with yellow flickering led (incl. battery)
item number: 260126
approx. 3,5 cm, (12 x silver, 4 x gold, 3 x red...
Plastic Santa with glitter
item number: 950055
multicoloured LED, ca. 27 cm for 3 micro...
Plastic glitter house
item number: 950056
with snow & multi coloured LED, ca. 25,5 cm, for...
Candle Christmas figurine
item number: 950061
3 ass., ca. 9,5 cm, 12 pcs per display
item number: 950103
Santa Claus & Snowman ass., approx. 9 x 13 cm, in...
Plastic Santa Claus & Snowman with led incl. battery
item number: 960043
ca. 14 x 10,5 cm, with opp bag with ribbon
Felt figurines
item number: 960070
Santa Claus & Snowman ass., with 6 warm white...
Placemat and coaster
item number: 960157
Santa, ca. 29,5 x 29 cm and 10,5 x 9,5 cm, each 4...
item number: 960223
christmas with colour changing led (incl.
Ceramic Figurine Santa & Snowmann ass.
item number: 960224
with colour changing led ( incl. battery) ca. 19...
Red christmas bauble with hat
item number: 960225
2 ass. (Mama & Papa) in pvc box
Red christmas bauble with hat
item number: 960227
2 ass. (Oma & Opa) in pvc box
Felt Snapp bracelet
item number: 960356
christmas, ca. 21,5 cm, 2 ass., in polybag with...
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