Moulin Rouge

Sensuality meets humour: In our little corner of fun and flirting you are guaranteed to discover the right sexy gifts, joke articles and accessories to get you in the mood. There is also plenty for your hilarious farewells to singledom with our stag and hen section.

Plush leg cuffs
item number: 63/0036
3 colours ass., in blister pack with header card
Plush handcuffs
item number: 63/0044
3 color ass., in blister box with header card
Plush hand cuffs & plush eymask
item number: 63/0052
Sexy with lettering, 2 colours ass., in blister...
Beer Glass
item number: 78/7883
Female Torso, for ca. 500 ml, H: ca. 25 cm
Love dice English version
item number: 90/1029
glow in the dark, set of 2 per blister card, 24...
Love dice
item number: 90/1031
Kamasutra, glow in the dark, set of 2 per blister...
Wash basin plug
item number: 10/5306
Stripper, ca. 7 x 4 cm, 6 ass., 24 pcs. per...
Silicone mould for ice shooter glass
item number: 61/2514
Willy, ca. 8 cm, in polybag with header card, 24...
Metal keychain
item number: 61/2545
Emergency, ca. 7,5 cm, with cotton underpants in...
Plastic flask
item number: 61/2548
Pink Dildo, for ca. 120 ml, H: ca. 17,5 cm, in...
item number: 61/4116
Exhibitionist, with sound & movement, ca. 23 cm...
Beer glass
item number: 78/7860
female & male torso II, for ca. 550 & 500 ml, H:...
Beer glass
item number: 78/7861
female & male torso I, for ca. 420 ml + 370 ml...
Drinking glass
item number: 78/7864
Male Torso, for ca. 440 ml, H: ca. 16 cm
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