Moulin Rouge

Sensuality meets humour: In our little corner of fun and flirting you are guaranteed to discover the right sexy gifts, joke articles and accessories to get you in the mood. There is also plenty for your hilarious farewells to singledom with our stag and hen section.

Two coloured durum wheat pasta with pepper
item number: 61/2247
Penis, 250 g packaging with head card
Candy Lollipop
item number: 61/2279
Sexy, ca. 70 g, 5 ass., 30 pcs. per display
Penis Candy
item number: 61/2353
18 g per pack, 4 colours ass., 48 pcs. per...
Rose with red G-string
item number: 61/2375
ca. 43 cm, 36 pcs p. display
Candy string for women
item number: 61/2377
12 pcs. per display
Candy jock strap for men
item number: 61/2378
12 pcs. per display
item number: 61/2505
XXL-Boob, ca. 12 cm, ca. 900 g
Plastic head band
item number: 61/2516
Penis, ca. 25 cm, in polybag with header card
Squeeze penis
item number: 61/2517
ca. 13 x 6 cm, on blistercard
Vibrating sex ring
item number: 61/2532
3 colours ass., in polybag, 48 pcs. per PVC drum
Squeeze penis
item number: 61/2533
ca. 19 cm
Anti Stress Ball
item number: 61/2535
Testicle, approx. 8 cm, each in window colour box...
Drinking straw
item number: 61/2546
Penis, glows in the dark, ca. 20 cm, 4 colours...
Comfort cushion
item number: 61/2547
boobs, 100% polyester, ca. 35 cm
Eye Mask with English slogans
item number: 61/2557
6 ass., 48 pcs. per display
Knitted Warmer
item number: 61/2568
Willy Animals, 3 ass., with header card, 48 pcs.
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