Moulin Rouge

Sensuality meets humour: In our little corner of fun and flirting you are guaranteed to discover the right sexy gifts, joke articles and accessories to get you in the mood. There is also plenty for your hilarious farewells to singledom with our stag and hen section.

Anti Stress Ball
item number: 61/2535
Testicle, approx. 8 cm, each in window colour box
Plastic squirt ball
item number: 61/2594
Bosom, ca. 7,5 cm, 12 pcs.per display
Polyresin bottle opener
item number: 61/2696
sexy, with magnet, ca. 12,5 cm, 4. ass.
Paper party horn
item number: 61/2747
penis, ca. 38 cm, in poly bad with headercard
Playing Cards
item number: 61/2748
Kamasutra Comic II, 54 cards per deck, 24 pcs.
Red plush heart
item number: 62/1081
Te Quiero, ca. 10 cm, 48 pcs. per display
Red plush heart
item number: 62/1082
Te Quiero, ca. 18 cm
Red plush heart
item number: 62/1083
Te Quiero, ca. 26 cm
Red plush heart
item number: 62/1084
Te Quiero, ca. 35 cm
Red XXL plush heart
item number: 62/1085
Te Quiero, ca. 60 cm
Electro Lighter
item number: 10/2325
Sexy Boys, 5 ass., 50 pcs. per display
Bathtub plug
item number: 10/5279
Penis, ca. 13 cm (chain ca. 50 cm) on blister...
Anti stress ball
item number: 12/3010
Bosom, ca. 7 cm, ca. 180 g, 12 pcs.per display
Ceramic mug
item number: 14/1978
Boobs, ca. 11 x 9 cm
Ceramic mug
item number: 14/1979
penis, For my best friend, ca. 9,5 x 8 cm
Shooter glasses
item number: 14/1982
Sexy Boobs, for ca. 50 ml, ca. 6 cm, set of 4...
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