Festival of Lights

Enlightenment within your own four walls! The Right Light - whether reading lamps for exciting books or chic table lamps - providing sufficient lighting for certain areas of the room, can help to enhance the ambience Or look of any space.

Desk lamp in nature optic
item number: 190419
with white warm LED, ca. 20 x 17,5 cm, in gift...
Black coloured metal table lamp VII
item number: 57/3023
H: ca. 50 cm, ca. 1,5 m cable, E27 - max. 40W...
Black coloured metal table lamp VIII
item number: 57/3024
H: ca. 52 cm, ca. 1,5 m cable, E14 - max. 25W...
White coloured metal table lamp II
item number: 57/3031
H: ca. 40 cm, with ca. 1,5 m cable, E14 - max.
Metal desk lamp I
item number: 57/3032
3 colours ass., H: ca. 42 cm, with ca. 1,5 m...
Metal desk lamp II
item number: 57/3033
4 colours ass., H: ca. 37 cm, with ca. 1,5 m...
White coloured plastic desk lamp
item number: 57/3037
H. ca. 40 cm, with USB cable, touch button & LED...
Ball with magnet & warm white Led
item number: 101483
ca. 4,5 cm, plastic, including batterie, 24 pcs...
Coloured ball
item number: 101485
with magnet & LED, ca. 4,5 cm, plastic (incl.
Smoked glass bottle with 10 warm white LED
item number: 137154
cork stopper and wrapped with jute, , ca. 30 x 7...
Plastic apple
item number: 220108
solar & LED, ca.10,5 x 8 cm, 12 pcs. per display
Plastic lantern with 6 warm white LED
item number: 220158
Chinmey light, approx. 30 x 30,5 cm, for 3 C...
Ceramic lantern with LED (incl. battery)
item number: 220166
ca. 15 x 5,5 cm, 12 pcs per display
White plastic lamp
item number: 220342
On & Off, mit LED ca. 15 x 8 cm, for 3 mignon...
Lantern with LED-candle
item number: 220383
metallic, ca. 26,5 x 10 cm, platsic, for 3 micro...
Glass bauble with 10 white LED for hanging
item number: 260067
ca. 12 cm, for 2 mignon batteries (AA) in gift...
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