All about Love

Our romantic articles guide you from love at first sight to a wedding celebration. Spoil your partner with heart-shaped pasta, let us style you for the most beautiful day of your life with our accessories. This is all about love!

Stoneware double mug
item number: 101885
I love you, approx. 8,5 x 9 cm, set of 2 in gift...
Stoneware mug
item number: 101895
Love, for approx. 420 ml, 2 colours ass.
Red/silver coloured heart shaped sequin cushion
item number: 190412
Love, approx. 30 x 26 cm
Red/silver coloured sequin cushion
item number: 190414
Lips, approx. 30 x 30 cm
Hair Accessories
item number: 230041
Wedding, 32 ass., 336 pcs. on display
Pink coloured plastic rose with warm white LED
item number: 260136
approx. 9,5 x 6 cm, in PVC box
Silver coloured foil balloon set
item number: 62/0819
Just Married, ca. 40 cm, refillable, set of 11
Polyresin wedding couple
item number: 719142
Just Married, approx. 10 x 6,5 cm, 2 ass.
Polyresin wedding couple
item number: 719143
approx. 11 x 7,5 cm, 2 ass.
White wooden decoration
item number: 719145
Hochzeit, approx. 29 x 7 cm
Porcelain chocolate fondue set
item number: 78/8299
approx. 10 x 9 cm, with 2 heart forks, in PVC box
Inflatable heart
item number: 91/4192
ca. 110 x 90 cm, in packaging with header card
Fizzy bathing hearts
item number: 10/4820
10 pcs. à 12 g in textile bag, 36 pcs. per...
Bath confetti
item number: 10/5013
Hearts, ca. 20 g in PVC gift box, 15 pcs. per...
Hot water bottle
item number: 10/5157
Heart, 100% polyester cover, ca. 32 x 20 cm...
Hand warmer
item number: 10/5163
King & Queen, D: ca. 9,5 cm, 2 ass., in PVC box...
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